A Nation Divided


I am truly afraid for our country, but not because Donald Trump was elected. I would have felt the same if Hillary Clinton had won, too. Our country is so divided and nobody seems willing to talk to one another. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of hateful remarks coming from both sides. It is heartbreaking to see friends say they are afraid for their lives because their candidate didn’t get elected.

Looking back in my life, I can’t remember any time, until recent history, where people were this unhappy and polarized in my lifetime. I don’t understand why some people are protesting the President-Elect the day after he was elected when we don’t even know what direction he’s going to go. It’s like people have forgotten that most of what politicians say to get elected is pure rhetoric. I think the same is true even for Donald Trump. He said a lot of things to fire up his base to get the votes, but I seriously doubt my life will get worse or the lives of any of my friends.

I don’t know what it’s going to take to unite our country. I don’t know if there will be enough people who are willing to listen to each other and find common ground. It’s as if compromise has become a vile concept when it was one of the premises our country was founded on. I know we’re not all going to agree on things, but we can’t go on doing what we’re doing.

We can’t take the attitude that the other side has to completely cave to our point of view and agree with us. We can’t refuse to listen to someone because they don’t see the world the same way we do. We can’t constantly take an adversarial position and attack everyone around us. Protesting in the streets because our candidate didn’t win solves nothing; it just further divides our nation.

I think we need to be willing to sit down and talk to one another. We need to invite those who don’t share our beliefs to the table so we can understand their side and they can understand ours. We never learn anything unless we are willing to listen to different perspectives. We not only learn more about them, but we learn about ourselves in the process.

I doubt my little blog post will do anything to change the world, but at least it let me deal with some of the things going through my head. I may not agree with people who are protesting, but I’m glad they have the right to do so. I feel bad that they feel so unsafe and I wish I knew what I could do to make it better for them.