Change, change, and more change


So I’m about to officially leave Texas behind and make a new life in Arkansas. I’m a little scared at not having any friends up here and the prospect of finding a job, but I’ve been told it’s a new adventure so we’ll go with that. There are good things and bad things that go with any move, but the thing that scares me the most is the change itself. I like my rut and it’s never fun having to establish a new routine. 

These past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to find myself to an extent. I’ve discovered that I do enjoy exercise and I do enjoy taking care of my body. I enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from living in the country instead of the city. I miss the convenience of living in the city. I miss the good internet that comes from living in the city. On the other hand, a close friend of mine pointed out that I may be able to make more time to read because it will be quiet. 

Another up side is that there are more things up here to take pictures of. This may be an opportunity to get my camera back out and find beautiful things. My dad just bought a ham radio rig and good antenna so we can share that hobby. I have a new bed and I will have my belongings up here in another week. I have the internet to let me keep in touch with my friends. While I can’t video conference with them, at least we can chat and send pictures to one another.

I was just trying to go to sleep a few minutes ago and my mind is still racing about everything- even with having taken my Xanax. I took a couple of Benadryl in the hopes that it will knock me out sooner rather than later. In the mean time, I’m just rattling away on my poor and neglected blog. Maybe this is an opportunity to write more instead of sitting around watching endless hours of television. Maybe I’ll get the inspiration to write about more things and explore topics of interest. I guess this is time for me to focus on myself instead of focusing on surviving week to week.