What have I been up to?


Gosh, I know it’s been forever since I’ve made a post. I know it was long before my 40th birthday and I had made a list of all the lessons I had learned over the years. Since then, there have been a few changes in my life. Nothing earth shattering, but changes none the less. My doctor told me I had no choice when it came to exercise. Apparently, I had gained 15 pounds over 6 months and my blood sugar wasn’t in as good a shape as it had been. It is still well under control, but not like it was. Since then, I’ve been making it to the gym a lot more often.

I’m currently up to 4 days a week doing cardio only. It wears my body out, but I know that it is going to make me stronger and give me more stamina to do more things in the near future. I’ve been going for nearly 6 weeks now and I’m settling into a routine. The first hurdle I had to overcome was running short on electrolytes. I was feeling very tired all the time in the beginning. I was moody, cranky, and very lethargic. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I was worried because my arms were so heavy even when I hadn’t been using them. Dr. Mom told me my metformin was probably to blame causing me to be dehydrated. I started drinking some sugar free sports drinks and I’ve perked right up. I’m happy going to the gym Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. When I’ve built up my stamina, I plan on doing weight training a couple of days a week replacing 2 of the cardio days.

I’ve been back to measuring food like I should be instead of just eyeballing it. I’m eating a little better, well not much, but every little bit counts. I’ve noticed my blood sugar is back to what I feel comfortable with in the morning and before meals. I’ve also noticed I’ve been in a pretty good mood unless I’ve over exerted myself and become fatigued. They say getting older isn’t for sissies and boy are they right. I feel like I’m having to fight my body to do some of the most basic things I used to not give a second thought to. I have to always be vigilant to not dehydrate and to make sure I’m eating enough calories. Who would have thought that trying to lose a few pounds I’d be struggling to eat enough calories in a day.

Work is going well and I have no complaints about that at the moment. I’ve been actively chatting with friends online every day. The socialization, even if it is all on the computer or phone, is nice and it keeps me in a pretty good mood. I talk to people who are having trouble with depression. I encourage them and try to relate to them that they are not alone in their struggles. I get to tell stories from my life of hard times that I’ve made it through. I talk about the amazing love and support I have from friends and family. I compare my life to a hurricane of drama where I feel like I’m the calm in the middle of the storm at times. It puts things into perspective and helps me see that I’m not the only one with issues, either.

I’ve been learning some Spanish using an app on my phone and tablet as well as it’s website called Duolingo. I’m on a 55 day streak of doing at least 2 lessons or reviews per day. I’m not ready to speak it, but I’m laying foundation where I’m no longer trying to translate words and ideas, but actually beginning to think in Spanish. It’s neat to see how our languages are different and similar. It was very surprising to see how imprecise Spanish can be at times because word meanings change drastically depending on context. In the end, the precision isn’t that important because the ideas are communicated. It reminds me of reading a book where the reader has a good idea of what the author means, but only the author knows for sure. In any case, the app says I’m 49% proficient in the language. I’m also making it a point to watch a little Spanish language television each day just so I can hear the language being spoken naturally. I may not understand 100% of all that is said, but I am recognizing more and more words as my vocabulary grows. Learning a language is a long road, but it’s a fun thing to do for a hobby.

I haven’t been as pensive and reflective on life lately. Sure there are times when I just like to think about life and other things, but that activity usually leads to negative thoughts. I’m ready for this situation with Chuy to get moving. It’s been hard just waiting for things to happen. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I love my son no matter what happens next. It may be an easy road and it may be hard, but I know I’ll always have him in my life in some way or another. I suppose that is comforting to know, but I’d just like to have some sort of idea what is going to happen next. I’m hoping to hear something any day now. The wheels of justice turn very slowly and it’s not always fair; I just have to be prepared for anything. I trust God when He says my family is not going to be torn apart. That’s all I can do is trust.

My roommates put a bird feeder out on the patio. I will admit that I’ve really enjoyed watching all the different birds come visit as I’m watching TV in my recliner. We have a lot of sparrows and doves in this neighborhood. I’ve seen a pair of cardinals (a male and a female) come to the feeder a few times a day. Every once in a while one of the grackels comes for a snack, but they usually don’t stay long. I’m surprised that I’m only seeing these 4 species of birds in the neighborhood, but I suppose many of the other species don’t come into town that often. I keep thinking that I may get a humming bird feeder to go out there, but I don’t know where I’d put it since the little buggers may get spooked by the other birds coming around. Interestingly enough, I also see another pair of cardinals at work when I look out the windows while working sometimes.

I finally got to see the new Star Wars. I was at HEB the other day and decided to take a look at what the Redbox had. I was lucky enough to get to rent the Blu-Ray version of it. I felt like I was a kid in the theater waiting for Return of the Jedi for the first time. I remember going to see that with my friend Adam when we still lived in Monahans. I know that I was spending the night over at their house, but I don’t remember the occasion. It may have been a just because time, but that was a good memory to relive. I really liked the story and I felt it fit in really well with the original story line. I’m not sure what direction they’re going to take it and I wonder if they’ll do another one in the future. I’d like to think they will given how popular the franchise is. In any case, I’ll probably watch it again before too long.

My long time friend, Will, was sweet enough to take me to see Dead Pool for my birthday. You know, it is really nice to have friends you’ve known more than 20 years who want to make you feel special every so often. We’ve been really good and close friends for years even if we don’t talk every day or see each other more than every few months. I’m trying to be better and touching base with people, but I often don’t think I’ve got a lot to say as I pretty much stick to my ruts of routine activities. It was a special 40th birthday to be sure. Dinner and a movie with a close friend never fails to be a good time.

I suppose you could say I’ve been keeping busy from looking at all that I’ve written so far. I only seem to make posts when I feel like there’s something to say. I don’t usually have any deep thoughts or epiphanies, but it is fun to just write out what I’ve been up to even if it is just the mundane activities of life.